E-Able Nagoya promotes comprehensive gender equality and women’s education. We provide both counseling and study programs in various ways for the lives of women and men, such as career development, childcare, community activities, and volunteer activities.


◇Lecture and Event Participation

E-Able Nagoya provides lectures and events about living as men and woman, self-reliance, and issues surrounding men and women.

◇Rental Facilities

E-Able Nagoya has rental facilities available for a variety of occasions; conference rooms and lecture rooms of various sizes, Japanese style rooms, a hall for large-scale events, etc.

※Please confirm regulation specifics on the reservation application.

※All facilities shall be used for not-for-profit purposes only.


E-Able Nagoya provides consultation for women on diverse issues, such as domestic and dating violence.

◇Informing and raising awareness

E-able Nagoya raises awareness and provides information of gender equality and women’s education at the library and the information service, and through our programs and seminars.